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Violent Crimes

Over 5 years of experience in violent crimes, including trial

Thousands represented

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Violent crimes are among the most severe crimes to face in court. These charges can often be extremely emotionally charged too.  This is partly because there is an alleged victim that can give a statement of their fear and experience.  This is also because violence is often the exclamation point to a much longer story, and the rest of that story can involve relationships and conflict that is long lasting.  Also, violent crimes are often tense confrontations and scary incidents for everyone, making the line between committing a violent crime and exercising your right to legally defend yourself, others, or your property, very blurry.  Even more so, these crimes often intersect with other crimes (such as domestic violence, weapons, drugs, etc.) that add yet another layer of complexity.


Anthony has extensive experience representing individuals charged with violent crimes.  From simple battery to serious strikes, Anthony has represented thousands of individuals from arraignment through trial phases.  He has experience fighting for people facing criminal threats charges, false imprisonment and kidnapping, resisting arrest, assault and battery, robbery, arson, assault with a deadly weapon and with great bodily injury, and much more.    


Violent crimes are often related to various other charges including theft, domestic violence, drugs, and others.  This can cause added layers of complexities in making sure you’re effectively represented.  Anthony has extensive experience in fighting for people who are facing other charges related to violent offenses and allegations.


If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being charged with a violent crime, contact Anthony to secure your defense.

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