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Theft and Theft Related Crimes

Over 5 years of experience in theft and theft related charges, including trial

Thousands represented

Defense plan specifically for you and your needs

Theft related charges can be some of the most complex to deal with in the criminal justice system.  This is partly because there are a lot of ways to commit theft, like fraud, robbery, shoplifting, embezzlement, etc.  This is also because there are a lot of reasons for why a theft happens, like drug addiction, money problems, by accident (it does happen), etc.


Anthony has extensive experience in representing people charged with theft crimes.  He has  experience in defending people from robbery, car theft, identity theft, vandalism, forgery, burglary (commercial and residential), petty theft, fraud, embezzlement, smash and grab organized retail theft, and much more.  


Theft charges can often be related to various other charges including drugs, DUI, violent crimes, and others.  If you’re facing other charges but the root cause of everything is an addiction, trauma, etc., don’t hesitate to contact Anthony.  Anthony has extensive experience in fighting for people who are in difficult legal situations.


If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being charged with a theft crime, contact Anthony to secure your defense. 

Facing a Theft Charge? Secure Your Defense Today!

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