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Sex Crimes

Sex charges are routinely the most sensitive and serious types of cases that come through the criminal justice system.  This is partially because the nature of the crimes can be extremely invasive to a person, which leads to very emotional circumstances.  Also, the consequences can be extremely severe, especially given the need to register as a sex offender for nearly all sex related charges, even misdemeanors.  This leads to very harsh punishment with little regard for the accused.  


Anthony has years of experience defending individuals accused of sex crimes, including trial experience.  He has represented people charged with crimes from indecent exposure, sexual assault, and other charges.


Sex crimes often come with a lot of prejudice against the accused, resulting in situations where experience and knowledge in the area are extremely important.  Anthony has extensive experience representing people accused of sex crimes.  If you’ve been charged with a sex crime, contact Anthony and secure your defense.  

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