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Drug Related Offenses

Over 5 years of experience in drug and drug related charges, including trial

Thousands represented

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Drug charges can be some of the most sensitive charges to deal with in the criminal justice system.  That is because so many people are adversely affected and there is a massive disagreement on how to deal with drugs and the role they play in our community.  The question of how to deal with addiction and its consequences within our communities can leave those who are charged with drug related crimes extremely vulnerable to over prosecution.  It is important to have an attorney who is sensitive and aware of how layered and difficult these situations are to ensure the court and prosecution understand the difference between the person and the crime.  


Anthony has represented thousands of individuals charged with a wide range of drug and drug related charges, including misdemeanors and felonies.  He has experience with possession of every type of drug imaginable including methamphetamine, cocaine, fentanyl, marijuana (yes it still can be illegal to possess it), ecstasy, prescription pills, and more.  Anthony has represented individuals charged with drug possession, being under the influence of drugs, drug sales including high weight enhancements, drug trafficking, and more.  From arraignment through trial, Anthony has the experience to fight for your rights and have your voice be heard in court.  


Drug charges can often lead to various other charges including theft, DUI, domestic violence, and others.  If you’re facing other charges but the root cause of everything is an addiction, don’t hesitate to contact Anthony.  Anthony has extensive experience in fighting for people who’s addictions have led to difficult legal situations.


If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being charged with a drug related charge, contact Anthony to secure your defense. 

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