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Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence charges are extremely sensitive and complex, with extreme consequences for those convicted.  In addition to Criminal Protective Restraining Orders, jail time, and years of probation and costly counseling, individuals can lose their Second Amendment Rights with a conviction.   Domestic violence incidents are often directly related to escalations in violence due to how close the parties are physically (in terms of living space) and emotionally (in terms of their relationship).  This can result in the accused facing extreme prejudice because of the nature of the offenses.     


Anthony has extensive experience representing people charged with domestic violence charges, including trial experience.  He has represented people charged with misdemeanor and felony charges, including simple battery, corporal injury, battery involving great bodily injury, strangulation allegations, false imprisonment, and many others.  He understands the complex nature and psychology behind it, how police approach their investigations, and how best to attack these charges.  


Domestic violence charges are often related to various other charges including drugs and addiction, theft, weapons, child abuse and endangerment, and others.  This can cause added layers of complexities in making sure you’re effectively represented.  Anthony has extensive experience in fighting for people who are facing other charges related to domestic violence offenses. 


If you find yourself in the position where you’re facing domestic violence allegations, contact Anthony to secure your defense. 

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