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Expungements and Reductions

Few things can be more debilitating than having criminal convictions on your record.  You made a mistake that resulted in a criminal conviction, took responsibility, and have done everything you can since then to move on with your life.  You may have changed for the better, but those convictions are an anchor that won't let others see that change.  Whether getting a job, a certification, a license, a loan, or many other things, a criminal conviction can be a massive bar to achieving many things.

After representing thousands of people, Anthony has seen first hand at how criminal records can not only prevent people from moving on with their life, but keep them stuck in the criminal justice system.  If you have a criminal record, Anthony can use his expertise in criminal law to help expunge or reduce the severity of prior convictions to provide a path to move on from the past.  Contact Anthony to help secure your future by fixing the past.

Have a criminal record?
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