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The most important role of being an attorney for Anthony has always been the role of the advocate.  When facing a team of prosecutors, a judge (often a former prosecutor), and an incredible amount of prejudice for being labeled a “defendant”, the advocate is often the only voice the client has left.  


This caused Anthony to approach his career with the goal of being a great trial attorney. In law school, he was trained by some of the best trial attorneys in the state, spending many hours a day for years perfecting the art of trial.  For his hard work and skill Anthony was recognized with distinguished advocacy awards in courtroom advocacy, negotiations, and was awarded the prestigious National Best Advocate award.  


As an attorney, Anthony went to work for one of the biggest criminal defense firms in the state; the San Diego Office of the Public Defender. There, he represented thousands of clients, lead a team of attorneys to handle their vast caseloads,  and spent countless hours in court arguing for people's rights as a respected trial attorney.  


Anthony knows we are not our worst moment.  Whether you are innocent or someone who made a mistake, everyone deserves the same dedicated representation to ensure the best outcome.  Contact Anthony to secure your defense.  

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