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Your Rights are Worth the Fight

Serving San Diego County Since 2018

For over five years, Anthony Vargas has fought for thousands of people facing misdemeanor and felony charges.  

After spending years at one of the highest volume criminal defense firms in the state, including leading a team of attorneys in representing thousands of clients, Anthony has the expertise and experience to get the best results. 

Whether fighting license suspensions or life in prison,

Anthony will create an effective strategy specifically for you and has nationally renowned courtroom skill to secure the best results.

Not Guilty at Trial

Client was charged with multiple counts of battery with several witnesses present.  Client was acquitted of all charges at trial.  

Charges Dismissed

Client was charged with DUI. Case dismissed after extensive negotiations and investigation. 

Charges Dismissed

Client charged with battery and false imprisonment after third party witnesses called police. Case dismissed after extensive negotiations and investigation.


8880 Rio San Diego Dr. Suite 700

San Diego, CA 92108

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